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Flamenco Dance Classes For Children



Children 3 - 4 years

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Karen Flamenco provides flamenco dance training for children ages 3 and up. It is a progressive learning dance academy which emphasizes performance, stressing technique, strength, individual and artistic expression.

Children will be immersed into the intricate rhythms and movements of flamenco dance. The program has a strong foundation in traditional, clasico & modern flamenco dance forms. Children are taught in a comfortable and non-intimidating atmosphere with a class limit of ten dancers. Children will receive one on one encouragement and constructive criticism as each dancer will have different, specific needs. No previous dance training is required to begin.

The flamenco school year is divided into four terms:

Fall - Spring (Sept - June) is considered a full school year.

There is a Flamenco dance performance at the end of the Spring term where children are able to showcase their hard work throughout the year.

"I hope to share my love for flamenco and encourage others to enjoy flamenco in Vancouver."
- Karen


Parent Quotes:

"Congratulations! What an immense task and beautiful result. Today we were able to see part of the show, and it was great. It takes a truly talented person to motivate and coordinate so many people, especially with diversity of dancing levels."

"The vibe in the dressing rooms was amazing, to see all your beautiful students create a great atmosphere was a treat. Instead of submerging themselves in video games or movies, there was dancing, singing and a lot of laughter. "

"Last but not least thank you for filling ever single parents heart with overwhelming pride. It was great to see the confidence that Martina carried with her on stage, and how happy she was during the entire process."

"I am so thrilled with your studio. I danced for years...a small studio. I absolutely loved the warmth of all the dancers towards one another. Everyone was so sweet and supportive with everyone. Thank you so much! You've created something so very lovely in your space :o) "